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Information on treatment of personal data of clients for visitors of the Skyberg Chalets website

KAVERO Real, s.r.o, ID 28934831, Tax ID CZ28934831, having its principal office at U Prefy 794/18, 182 00 Praha 8, registered in the Register of Companies maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague under File No. 154146 C (hereinafter “Skyberg Chalets”), the administrator of the www.skybergchalets.com website and the operator of the Skyberg Chalets accommodation facilities, collects and processes your personal data and information that you provide as follows: 

We process, store and make available to third parties personal data of clients and information which the clients provide to us by means of the booking form and e-mails or communicate personally at the Skyberg Chalets accommodation facilities according to the following principles:

The provision of any information is voluntary. If the client decides not to provide necessary information, we may not be able to answer or react to his or her question or requirement and the client may not be able to make use of some or all of our services. 

a) Personal data of clients (first name, surname, date of birth, nationality, passport/ID document number, visa, address of permanent residence, start and end of accommodation, and purpose of stay) will be registered in accordance with Austria’s act on the residence of Austrian nationals and foreigners in the territory of Austria, as amended, and retained for a period of 6 (six) years since the date of the last visit. The information described above will be kept in the guestbook and in the Property Management System (PMS) of Skyberg Chalets.

b) Personal data of clients (first name, surname, time of stay, special requirements, birthdays, preferences) will be retained for a period of 180 days since your departure for the purpose of the contract performance and to help deal with potential complaints concerning provided services. 

c) If the client gives us his or her e-mail address and telephone number, he/she gives us his/her consent to send him/her information concerning the booking of accommodation and stay at Skyberg Chalets and a customer satisfaction questionnaire by doing so. Your e-mail address will subsequently be registered and retained only with your express consent. 

e) If you give us data of another person, you will personally guarantee that you have been authorized by that person to provide his/her personal data and that the information is correct and accurate. If KAVERO Real, s.r.o., sustains any loss or damage as a result of your non-compliance with the above provision, we will be entitled to claim a compensation of such loss or damage.  

KAVERO Real, s.r.o., makes personal data of clients available to third parties according to the following principles:

a) First name, surname, date of birth, nationality, passport/ID document number, visa, address of permanent residence, start and end of accommodation, purpose of stay, e-mail address, and telephone number. All communication between KAVERO Real, s.r.o., and third parties is SSL-encrypted. 

b) The third parties referred to above include suppliers, travel agencies, operators of booking systems and our accounting firm, providers of payment services and other financial institutions, and Austria’s Aliens Policing Authority. 

Rights of the client:

The client is entitled to access and correct/amend his/her personal data.

The client is entitled to have his/her personal data deleted if it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it has been collected or otherwise processed; if the client withdraws his/her consent on the basis of which his/her personal data has been processed, and there is no other legal reason for its continuing processing; if the client raises an objection against the processing of his/her personal data, and there do not exist any prevailing and justified reasons for the continuing processing; or if the personal data has been processed in contravention of the law. 

The client may apply for access to, correction or amendment, and deletion of his/her personal data by a letter addressed to the company, an e-mail sent to info@skybergchalets.com, or personally at the company’s accommodation facility, i.e. Skyberg Chalets, Mandlwandstraße 489, 5505 Mühlbach am Hochkönig, Austria.

Collection of cookie data:

We can use monitoring tools, such as cookie files or web browser signals, when collecting information from you. The information is collected while you are visiting our web pages. In this way, third parties can collect information about us as well. For details please refer to information available at https://policies.google.com/privacy. You can permanently reject monitoring by cookies, or set your cookie preferences. 

Safety precautions applying to personal data:

We keep personal data in a physically secure, camera-monitored room the access to which is limited to authorized personnel. Appropriate software is applied to relevant components of the computer network to protect individual PCs and servers against computer viruses, spam, spyware and other harmful codes. The personnel is regularly trained in the treatment and handling of personal data. We have an in-house system of regular checks of compliance with personal data treatment and handling rules.